London SPE Net Zero Gaia event

When:  Jul 11, 2023 from 12:30 PM to 01:30 PM (UTC)
Associated with  Netherlands Section

The London SPE Net Zero Gaia committee, in association with their SPE Europe geothermal colleagues, is excited to invite you to this coffee hour chat where they will discuss two ongoing UK geothermal projects: United Downs and BODYHEAT.

The speakers for this coffee hour include Hazel Farndale, business manager for Geothermal Engineering Ltd, who oversees GEL’s research and consulting activity on geothermal projects in the UK and globally, and specifically the deep geothermal United Downs project in Cornwall. She will be joined by David Townsend, founder and CEO of TownRock Energy, a geothermal consultancy out of Scotland focused on helping their clients unlock their geologic assets to eliminate waste and carbon emissions. 

About the talks:

Hazel will provide insight into multiple resource geothermal energy development in Cornwall and across the UK. She will discuss the current barriers to the development of the geothermal industry in the UK and the support needed from the government, local planning authorities, and local communities to make the industry viable. Finally, she will touch on the industry’s opportunity to create thousands of green jobs, especially those utilizing skills developed in the oil & gas industry.

David will then provide an overview of the work TownRock is doing towards developing geothermal resources in the UK. He will discuss the cost of waste heat and how thermal energy storage can be deployed at varying scales to both combat its negative effects and become a net zero energy source. He will finish by talking about BODYHEAT, an innovative project out of Glasgow in which the heat produced by club goers is stored in surrounding bedrock and later used to reduce the building’s overall carbon emissions.

Afterwards, the floor will be open to questions from the audience. If you are curious about either of these projects, or have questions about the UK geothermal industry at large, this is the discussion for you. Please bring your questions, we look forward to seeing you there.