Purpose of Scholarship

The purpose of our scholarship program is to attract high caliber students into the Petroleum and Geothermal Industry. The scholarships are intended to provide financial assistance to those students who need financial support, and/or to reward and recognize superior academic performance and participation in extracurricular activities.

Scholarship Description

  1. The scholarships are per student per academic year and will be paid in October at the beginning of the term.
  2. The scholarships will be awarded to entering college freshman, first, second, third and fourth year students.
  3. The scholarships are renewable up to 4 years.
  4. Each year the SPE Netherlands Board will decide the number of new scholarships that will be awarded. The Board’s decision will be based upon the funds in the Scholarship Reserve Account, projected scholarship renewals, and any other extenuating factors the Board believes important.
  5. A personal interview with each of the top finalists will be conducted as part of the selection procedure.
  6. The program contemplates continued support of a student through four years of university study, conditional to the results and participation of the Scholar throughout the education.

Qualifications for Award

  1. Application for scholarship must be submitted by the student him/herself, including a photograph of the applicant (for publicity purposes only) to the SPE Netherlands Scholarship Committee, on or before the application due date of July 31st
  2. Applications should be sent as an attachment to - Please download application form here
  3. Applicant must be a graduating high school senior or entering college freshman, or student to one of the following: Petroleum engineering, geosciences, Earth sciences or an offshore technology engineering related program at an accredited school. Proof must be submitted.
  4. Applicant must be living and pursuing the study in the Netherlands, any nationality can apply.
  5. It is at the discretion of the SPE Netherlands Board to decide on awards or continuations of scholarship grants. Considerations to withdraw support are when results are below acceptable level, or participation in the education is secondary.
  6. Exceptions to certain requirements may be made by the SPE Netherlands Board.


  1. July – Board decides the number of new scholarships to be awarded for the next school year.
  2. April – Solicitation for Scholarship and Applications distributed to target universities.
  3. July 31st – Applications due.
  4. September 15th – latest – Selection.
  5. October 12th – Announcement of winners and handover of scholarships.

Governing the Program – Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship program is managed by a local Scholarship Committee. They will report into the SPE Netherlands Board. The Board will consist of a Scholarship Committee Chairperson, and two Committee members. The Committee is appointed by the Board.

The Duties of the Scholarship Committee are to:

  • Periodically review the Objectives for the Program
  • Review applications and select candidate

Evaluation of Candidates

The Scholarship Committee reviews the applications in a timely fashion as they come in. To ensure the candidate qualifies they:

  • Review application form. If pertinent data is missing, the candidate should be contacted and be prompted for additional information.
  • Verify the basic information by contacting school or references for first time applicants:
    • Candidate is a graduating high school senior, or student to one of the qualifying educations
    • Candidate is proficient in English
    • Candidate results are sufficient to qualify for SPE scholarship
  • For repeat candidates who received earlier grants and are applying for continuation funds, verify that:
    • Candidate is still enrolled in a Petroleum and Geothermal Industry related study and having the qualifying results
    • Candidate is still following enough courses to finish the study in a 4 or 5 year timeframe
  • If a selection needs to be made between multiple candidates, the order of priority should be:
    • Status – returning candidates or high school graduates
    • Past academic performance
    • Financial situation
    • Impression based on telephone or face to face interview