• SPE NL Events Programme: Feb '24 - Oct '24

    Feb 14 - Nov 6, (BA)
    Thursday 15th February. Underground Hydrogen Storage Workshop organised by SPE NL. Monday 11th March. SPE NL Monthly Lecture. Distinguished Lecturer Martin Storey discusses "A survival guide for digital transformation". Monday 8th April. SPE NL Monthly Lecture. Emanuele Gemelli (Petrogas): Emissions reduction management. Monday 13th May. SPE NL Monthly Lecture. Dr. Mark Davis (Capterio): “How advanced analytics is accelerating net zero progress, creating value and reducing gas flaring”. Wednesday 15th May. SPE NL CCS Workshop. Monday 17th June. SPE NL Energy Day. Monday 17th June. Joint PGK/SPE BBQ and Meeting. “Machine-Learning for Efficient CO2 Storage Modeling” Monday 9th September. SPE NL Monthly Lecture. Geertjan Og: Canopus Drilling Technology (tentative) Monday 14th October: SPE NL Monthly Lecture. Jeroen Abels: "Permitting process for N05-A" - learnings and the story about the N05-A project and its role in the energy transition

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