Program D&I 2021

“Survive and Thrive”

May 20th & May 27th 2021

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Welcome to the 7th edition of the Women in Energy seminar – recently rebranded as the Diversity and Inclusion seminar (D&I). This year’s virtual event focuses on the topic of “Survive and Thrive”. The energy transition, sustainability, the pandemic, remote working and reorganizations are all present at the forefront of everyone’s minds. As companies adapt to this new working environment, employees will need to build resilience and to leverage new knowledge and skills to navigate the changes and find their path in the rapidly changing energy industry. However, putting this into practice is not always straightforward and this seminar aims to help participants position themselves in this new normal.

A year ago, the world was bracing for the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many countries went into lock down and businesses were forced to reckon with the severity of the crisis. Simultaneously, the oil and gas industry as well as many others are trying to meet the commitments required by the Paris Agreement and transition their businesses into greener, more sustainable and CO2 neutral futures. Achieving this will require a well-balanced, diverse and skillful workforce that can adapt quickly and work in an agile fashion.

To ensure that these transitions occur successfully, the energy industry will need to redefine how to attract and retain talent. Currently, the workforce is waning – either through redundancies, voluntary departures or struggles with recruitment. Is the industry losing its appeal to graduates and young professionals as they seem to choose to opt out of it? Is the industry still a good place for mid-career and senior professionals to thrive and prosper? What are companies doing to make themselves more inclusive? What kind of skills and what type of leadership is needed to make the shift from the current mode of survival into a mode where the industry is thriving?

The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the performance of countries with female leadership, raising questions about traditional, more masculine leadership styles and how they apply in 2021. The importance of D&I and the weight of female voices is more clear than ever.

This year virtual conference is split over two days. On May 20th, we will host a number of panelists from energy companies and institutes to discuss “Why D&I matters and how it can play an important role in the post pandemic recovery.” On May 27th, we will host a series of interactive online workshops tailored towards empowering to “survive and thrive” in their careers. We look forward to hosting you!


May 20th 2021
time Panel Session
10.00-11.45 Jacqueline Vaessen (Nexstep)
Ellen van der Veer (Port of Amsterdam)
Femke Vossepoel (TU Delft)
Kiran Dellimore (scientist, inventor and author)
Frank van Ewijk (Shell)
Femke Perlot-Hoogeveen - moderator
11.45-12.15 networking sessions
May 27th 2021
time Workshop
10.00-11.30 Reinvent Yourself to Thrive (by Carla Clarissa)
12.00-14.00 Changing hard times into heart times (by Villa Uitzicht)
14.30-16.00 I don't care about the Money? (by 75inQ)
16.30-18.00 The Executive Board game (by 75inQ)



Reinvent Yourself to Thrive (by Carla Clarissa)
Facilitators: Carla van Stralen en Marieke Donkervoort
Many talented women feel the calling and responsibility to make balanced decisions, to voice Big Hairy Audacious Goals and to develop sustainable business models. We know that this is what many of you - working in earth sciences and energy sectors - desire and we also know that your leadership can be the game changer for many companies.
However, many of us, including our organisations, underestimate how much energy it takes to:
1. find the strength to stay true to ourselves in dominant masculine business cultures, and
2. in addition, find the strength to change the imbalanced system, whilst managing our own challenging jobs simultaneously.
In order to thrive in our careers and make a lasting impact Carla Clarissa calls upon us to stop searching outside of ourselves and make the journey inward instead. To liberate the forgotten female power that we have inside ourselves.
Carla Clarissa has a unique view on developing leadership in women, which she expresses in her coaching method Journey to Wholeness®. This method focuses on integrating mind, body and soul and women learn how to engage their ‘whole being’ into their leadership.

Changing hard times into heart times – Navigating Life with resilience (by Villa Uitzicht)
Facilitator: Sophie Northolt
This workshop is all about experiencing ways to reverse our inner stress mechanisms and to cultivate skills to become more resilient in work and life. In times of change and with the possible difficulties we encounter in our lives, we need to be able to bounce back and to take care of ourselves in a way that enables us to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.
The workshop offers a playful whole of small introductions alternated with practical exercises. Participants will take home practical skills and materials to integrate resilience into their work and lives.

I Don't care about the Money? (by 75inQ)
Facilitator: Anouk Creusen
I don't care about the money – Status, drivers, salary gaps & traps, negotiation and golden handcuffs.
What is financial freedom? Why does this matter in your career? Because women don't care about money, right?
In this workshop we explore what financial independence means and how your relationship with money impacts your career decisions.

The Executive Board game (by 75inQ)
For members of the energy sector community who want or need to understand the interaction of the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5 (SDG5) on gender equality and Sustainable Development Goal #7 (SDG7) on clean energy and how they relate within the context of the energy transition. What might be the implications of policy choices that we make now on the success and equitability of the energy transition.
We offer a gamification of SDG7 and SDG5, introducing a role playing element where participants are assigned a role in the energy transition and have to push their company/group towards success. This exercise allows for a deeper understanding of the challenges and motivations of the future energy industry and the interconnected nature of sustainability and equality. And it will be fun!
This game will provide an interactive and efficient way to learn about sustainable development goals in a networking-type setting.