Continuous Education

One of the key components of the SPE mission statement is "collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources, and related technologies". This is put to action with a wide array of products, such as events, publicationstraining and general resources. One of the flagship initiatives to this end are the Continuous Education efforts on global, regional and national level. SPE Netherlands as well as other sections in our region put this to work through the regional and local Continuous Education programs.

The SPE-Netherlands philosophy is to organise one-day seminars focussed at specific target groups (industry entrants, mid-careers, seasoned professionals) from the whole spectrum of E&P disciplines, i.e. not only engineering oriented, but also more Geology/Geophysics and Business related.

Upcoming events are listed in the agenda. Topics we currently work on are, amongst others, SCAL, geophysics and reservoir characterisation for simulation. If you are interested in any of these not-yet-published events, or if you have specific requests or suggestions, please drop the CE officer an e-mail.

Hoping to meet you soon on any of the upcoming or being-planned events!

The CE team