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It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we announce the 5th edition of Women in Energy seminar, which will be held on the 10th of November 2017 in The Hague. The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion in the Energy Industry and to demonstrate the power that gender diversity brings to successful teams. This year’s overarching theme is: “Women in Energy: Leadership in times of transition”. We want to focus on the transition the energy sector is going through, with emphasis on how this transition affects leadership styles and competences, both at company and at personal levels. The seminar will host inspiring speakers, in-depth panel discussions and a variety of workshops tailored to empower women and men to reach our joined goal: gender parity at all ranks! Please find the WIE 2017 flyer here.

Please apply here: https://spe.paydro.com/women-in-energy-2017-leadership-in-times-of-transition

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Marjan van Loon (President Director Shell Nederland) 
Katie Mehnert (CEO Pink Petro)
Bert Stuij (Manager energy RVO, Program director Delta Energy Institute)
Annabelle Vos (General counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Fugro) 
John MacArthur (VP Integrated Gas Technology Shell)



Co-creation by YEP Trainingen, Marijn Damsma-Blaisse

Times of transition bring many challenges and some of those can be taken on together, by means of co-creation. Collaborating with others in this way effectively boosts innovation, motivation and commitment in your team. In this workshop we will use ‘Force fitting’ and the ‘Nominal group technique’ as a techniques find creative solutions and team commitment to those solutions. You will learn how to avoid common co-creation mistakes and how to implement and lead these specific techniques yourself.

Yep Trainingen encourages young employees to contribute to their organisations by being strong personal leaders. They do this through tailored training programs with topics as young leadership, communication & impact and talent development. Find out more at www.YepTrainingen.nl

Cultural Awareness an essential skill in global communication by Heather Donaldson

Being able to communicate across cultures is becoming more important due to globalization. Working in a multicultural setting, such as within an international team, can be a challenge as everyone has different values and habits. 
Hofstede’s theory mentions several dimensions, which together define a culture. Variations within these dimensions explain cultural differences, and can be used to get a better understanding in your own and other’s culture.
In an informal setting Heather Donaldson will inspire you to change perspective on your own and other people’s values and habits. She will combine theory and practice in this introduction to cultural awareness.
Heather Donaldson (1985) studied Applied Psychology in Eindhoven and after worked with international students and (young) professionals providing coaching and workshops on personal development. She gives cultural awareness workshops on freelance basis to global companies. Her main goal is to bring people closer together, by improving communication and understanding.


Life's a pitch by Jouri Schoemaker

During this pitch workshop I would like to teach you by theory and practice how to create a powerful personal pitch for yourself. I'm not a trainer of profession, but someone who learned from practice: I'm an entrepreneur and after countless times I've pitched for my startup Shake-on, I even became the Dutch Champion Pitching! Since then I share my pitch tips and tricks in lectures and workshops weekly. In this pitch workshop I will take you along 6 concrete steps to help you develop your own pitch. Each step I will first explain in theory, after which you will apply this step into practice yourself. This process I will repeat for all 6 steps after which you have developed a powerful pitch. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Transition from employee to entrepreneur by Dr. Elena Zhebel

Change, as Heraclitus said, is the only constant thing in life. The Greeks knew few things about life – and mine has definitely been turned upside down in the last 17 years. 
I would never have imagined that, as I was born in the Soviet Union, I would study applied math in Germany.
I would never have thought that I would get a job offer to work for Fugro in the Netherlands during my last year of PhD study.
I would never have known that I would join Shell and work there for 8 years.
I would never have dreamt that, as I worked through a corporate ladder, that I would be here today, working for my own company.
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Elena. I am 37 years old. I lived and studied in Moscow until my twenties. Then I lived and studied in Germany for another 6 years. And here I am, living and working in the Netherlands for the last 11 years. More than a year ago I have founded a company called EZNumeric that offers scientific software development for numerical modelling and simulations, optimization, HPC, and big data analysis using machine learning techniques. 
In this workshop I am going to share with you:
How I made the change from employment to entrepreneurship
How does it feel like to suddenly become an entrepreneur and dive into a complete new world
What are the pitfalls and challenges on the path of an entrepreneur
What do you need to build your own company in the Netherlands 
What are the requirements (personal as well as legal)

Mission-Driven Leadership by The Arc

Who will YOU dare to be? Which IMPACT do you wanna stand for?

Do you have the mindset that you wanna have? Women these days ARE able to take charge of leadership positions. What keeps us back are less the outer but more the inner obstacles we put upon ourselves. What makes or breaks you at the workplace? And how come you picked that particular fear over all the others ones you could possibly have picked? Under which conditions will you allow yourself to want success? To which extent will you step up and inspire yourself and others?

Our workshop is no Q&A session. Instead we will radically fast build meaningful connections amongst ourselves and coach each other to a level that you are able to take a first step to inspire yourself and others. Sounds wacky? Welcome!

The Arc is an international leadership retreat for entrepreneurs, investment professionals, consultants – everyone with a passion and a task bigger than themselves. We coach young visionaries to a level where their impact inspires themselves and others. 95% of our alumni call The Arc one of the best or the single best training they ever attended.

Intrigued? Check us out on www.thearctraining.org or download our brochure on thearc.site/forcorporates

Questions: please contact the WIE organizing committee - womeninenergy.nl@gmail.com -

The SPE Netherlands section is the co-organizer of the WIE symposia which supports the SPE mission to collect, disseminate and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources and related technologies for the public benefit. Concurrently it provides opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competences.

WIE Symposia brings together a diverse audience to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion and highlight the value it brings to a successful business.  
Our ambition is to create a platform that members as well as business leaders can use to help address and tackle gender disparity as well as promote higher participation of women across different ranks. We hope to encourage the sharing of best practices on how to create equal career opportunities and to close the gender and talent gaps still present across all levels in the oil and gas industry.

Since 2011 four symposia have been organized with more than 500 attending participants including prominent speakers from across the industry, academia and politics.  Symposiums have also hosted panel discussions and soft skill workshops where participants could share their views on the different topics and gain practical skills to help them develop their talent and accelerate their careers.

Many industry leaders and professional organizations have joined us on our journey to bring awareness of diversity and inclusion to employers and professionals across all sectors of the oil and gas industry. With their support this event is growing every year making the WIE symposia a well-known platform for all participants to share their experiences and develop their network.


Program booklets: 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017

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